About Us

İstanbul Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Centre, which is one of the world’s largest and leading shopping and entertainment center, opened its doors to guests on October 15, 2005.

Turkey’s most enjoyable shopping mall Cevahir İstanbul, offers an impeccable experience to its guests with more than 300 brands that expanded 6 floorsand, 2500 vehicle parking lot.

Latest movies to watch, flavors to taste, Funlab entertainment center to have some fun and more stops to enjoy, come together in Cevahir İstanbul to create a brand new lifestyle.

İstanbul Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Centre has been welcoming the world’s leading brands since the first day.Recently it has been home for one of the worlds best concept stores of Zara.As Istanbul Cevahir becomes a parf of Istanbul’s social life with its first - time events, it also underlines the promise of pleasent shopping experience.

İstanbul Cevahir is located at a strategic point of Turkey’s metropolis, Istanbul.It is welcoming national and international love marks such as Zara, LCW, Koçtaş, Teknosa, Boyner, Marks & Spencer and Migros, as one of the most important fields of organized retail industry.

Istanbul Cevahir, the place and the time to be.